A highly creative and detail-oriented
UX Designer who works to create
leading edge Visual and UX Designs
built from data-driven best practices.

About Me

Hi, I'm Kellie Enge a passionate designer focused on creating
beautiful products through realistic research, iteration and testing.

Utilizing a background in teaching, through transferable skills
such as empathy, communication, critical thinking, and
organization. I transitioned from observing students and
adapting teaching styles, to observing users and adapting the
product design. Teaching gave me the opportunity to fine-tune
my communication skills with peers, superiors and parents.

By daily formulating new and better ways to teach students I was
able to transfer those skills to exploring out of the box ideas that
provide solutions for user pain points. Lastly, teaching allowed
for great practice preparing many different portions of a project
thinking both long-term and short-term.

My Design Goals

To use research and empathy to understand the problem, ideate
and test solutions, and to create final products that consider and
align with consistent design standards.

Other Things I Enjoy

Taking photos, exploring new cities, taking care of my plants,
taking care of my dog (Koucha), and creating/exploring new
design trends and ideas.

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